Gateway for the Blind

Steps of an Assessment

These are the steps that Gateway For The Blind takes when performing an evaluation.


  • I. Interview
    • A. Experience
      1. Determine previous computer experience.
      2. Past work history and current/prospective work situation and skill requirements.
      3. Evaluate specialized software applications consumer may need to perform the job.
    • B. Goals
      1. What is the vocational goal?
      2. How the computer be used toward achieving the goal.
      3. Is the goal appropriate, realistic, and is the consumer motivated to achieve the goal.
    • C. Personality attributes
      1. Attitude
      2. Motivation
      3. Professionalism
  • II. Skill Evaluation
  • **NOTE: This portion of the evaluation is a progressive process and may terminate at any point if the consumer does not possess the skills necessary to progress to the next step. Client skill saturation largely determines the recommended hours of training.

    • A. Keyboard
      1. General keyboard knowledge and ability.
      2. If some skill is present, then move to advanced functions.
      3. Give repetitive commands and note consumer's ability to retain instructions. (Note: This is helpful in determining amount of training needed).
    • B. Adaptive applications
      1. Knowledge of adaptive keyboard commands.
        • a. JAWS
        • b. Window-Eyes
        • c. ZoomText
        • d. Dragon Naturally Speaking
    • C. General applications
      1. Demonstrate knowledge of general applications if any.
        • a. Word processing
        • b. E-mail
        • c. Internet browsers
        • d. Excel
        • e. Other commercial or proprietary applications the consumer may use when working.
  • III. Functionality and usability
    • D. Degree of functional vision
      1. If consumer has some vision, determine degree use for alternative adaptive equipment.
        • a. CCTV
        • b. Magnifiers
    • E. Evaluation of peripheral adaptive products.
      1. Note takers
      2. Braille displays
      3. Braille embossers
      4. Personal organizers

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