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Operating Philosophy

With the ever changing world of computers, it is a constant challenge to keep up with the latest advancements in the AT, (adaptive technology) field. The technology that seemed to be sufficient yesterday to perform a task may not suffice tomorrow.

The trainers and staff of Gateway for the Blind, are constantly striving to keep up with the latest software application, hardware and techniques by performing those tasks using adaptive technology. By subscribing to numerous AT newsletters, perusing web sites, attending seminars and consulting with the leading developers of AT products, our staff stays abreast of the most up to date solutions for our consumers.

Although having the knowledge of all AT products is a very important part of what we offer, communicating that information to a consumer is equally important.

There are several types of consumers from the novice to the advanced. If one has the knowledge of the various AT products, but is not able to communicate that knowledge to a consumer in a way that it will benefit them in them attaining their goals, then our service is inadequate.

All of our trainers began as a novice and understand the feeling of needing to accomplish a task and not know how to attain that goal. We have all been there. It’s Saturday and we have a report due on Monday morning, but the computer we are working with won’t co-operate. Where can we turn to? Who can we call?

The trainers for Gateway are encouraged to make themselves available to all of their consumers for technology support via phone or E-Mail. Even after the authorization has expired and it is months later, our trainers are there to help and assist in correcting problems. Whether it be for hardware issues, accomplishing a task in a software application or giving advice on what product would be best to assist them in performing a task, our trainers avail themselves to their consumers during and after the training.’

The combined expertise of our staff is equaled by none. No one individual has all of the answers, but knowing where to turn to get those answers is a must. That is why we have assembled a knowledgeable group of trainers that excel in various AT applications. We depend on each other to tackle various issues and get the best solution for our consumers.

Our staff is not only knowledgeable, but very personable. We communicate with the counselors in a way that they can understand the terminology of the technical world. We are available to them with just a phone call or an Email to answer any of their questions.

Should a counselor call and say that they have a consumer in need of immediate training, we make that a priority and don’t need to wait for a written authorization to provide that service.

The services offered by Gateway for the Blind encompasses all aspects of the AT world including, blind, deaf blind, low vision, physical disabilities and learning disabilities. Extending beyond the AT world to incorporate that technology with mainstream and off the shelf applications. Our services also include I Devices, (IPhones, IPad) PC and Mac repair and service, networking, printing, and faxing and scanning peripherals.

Gateway for the Blind is a full service adaptive technology and computer company striving to meet your every need.

Here is what some of our consumers have to say...

There are many individuals who possess the technical and mechanical knowledge to be able to work with that big jigsaw puzzle known as adaptive technology computers. However, there are only a few who are capable of transferring this knowledge to others of the blind community who are not as proficient in the use of same. Denny huff is one of the handfuls of individuals who have this ability. He not only is able to break down the gigs and the bits technically but does it in plain English so that everyone can understand it. I have been with adaptive technology computers for 14 years. It is a never ending learning curve. Denny gave me the ability to keep up with all the fast moving advancements by myself. Denny teaches a person not only how to work with the computer, but also how to make the computer work for you!

Yours truly:
B. M.

I have found Mr. Huff to be very reliable and supportive and give personal attention to his clients. He is very updated and knowledgeable with new technology for the blind and visually challenged. He is also very supportive even after training is complete!

J. D
Charter Communications

I would like to express some of my thoughts regarding my training received from Gateway for the Blind. Due to the expertise of my instructor Denny Huff, my computer training on Jaws and Kurzweil was second to none. The insight and challenges under sometimes difficult circumstances has provided me with confidence in my abilities. I started my training in January 2003, and the journey into my new life began. Although, I was apprehensive at first, my instructor’s patience and perseverance enabled me to gain assurance that I was capable of doing something I thought was unobtainable only a few months earlier. I came to realize that it was very comfortable and easy to learn. The training entailed navigating windows, utilizing the Jaws software, and operating a scanner with the assistance of the Kurzweil software. I found it to be a life changing experience. It allowed me to become independent again, and reopened doors after losing my eyesight. Although, I had concerns of receiving support once the training was completed, it was soon obvious that any questions were promptly addressed by my instructor regardless of time or day. In conclusion, it is difficult to put into words my appreciation And gratitude to Gateway for the Blind for helping me get my life back. I only hope this letter will help inspire others to take the step to regain their independence. If it does, then I know the tradition will continue.

J. S

Although I have been a computer user since the late 80’s, I have gained more skills such as learning to Email, cut and paste, AND learning to use to Braillelite and JAWS speech software. I am now better acquainted with the Internet and its many features and avenues for the blind. I am more productive in my job with the new skills I have learned thanks to the training I received from Denny Huff. I know that if I ever have a question about the computer, I can always get help from him. His tech support has been first class.

B. J

At the present time, I am receiving training from Denny Huff, through Gateway for the Blind, to prepare me for employment. During our consultation, he assessed my needs of equipment and training to achieve my goals without delay. I was not aware of the equipment I would need to be successful in fulfilling my responsibilities. Choosing the correct technology is essential for achieving your goal. I would highly recommend Denny Huff, and the Gateway for the Blind staff to meet the needs of any individual at any level of technology knowledge. I feel very confident with his training and resources. The”Gateway for the Blind” will give direction to an individual’s independence and a new future.

B. K

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